Teaching Volunteer for the Summer

July 12, 2012

PictureGetting creative in ways we practice learning the alphabet with chalk on the school patio. Moises practices his letter “M.”

This summer I decided to go back to the village I had visited twice before because my best friend was stationed there for Peace Corps. When Peace Corps pulled all their volunteers from Honduras this past winter for safety reasons, I decided I still needed to back. I am living here as a volunteer on my own dollar, and am loving every minute.

I live with a Honduran family who has become like my own family. I volunteer everyday with the local elementary school grades 1-3 in one classroom. 6 of my first graders still don’t know their letters, and 2 of them don’t know their numbers. Probably 3 of those 6 will be illiterate the rest of their lives. Learning disability rates are high due to malnutrition, but the lack of supplies and good teacher remain a problem for those who are able to learn.

Every day is a joy with my “alumnos” but everyday my heart breaks just a little. After working in my village classroom of grades 1-3 for the last three months, I’ve discovered the most efficient way for the kids to learn on their own is through reading. Books are extremely expensive here, and most families don’t own them. Reading is a great way for kids to improve their reading level, as well as helps them with grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

Up to this point, I carry a pile of books from the another town’s library each week, but this is not something that is possible to continue after I leave. Next weekend, I am going to travel to the capital city in order to buy books for my classroom to keep. Books bought in the city are cheaper but still expensive. If you are able to donate at this time, it would be greatly appreciated!