A Long Walk for Books

November 16, 2012


The word has spread about books for schools!  Below is the translation of a beautiful letter from Ilda, a teacher in Honduras who traveled a great distance to reach us in El Sauce, Opatoro.  She is dedicated to providing the best education she can for her classroom despite economic difficulty that often limits the tools she can access to do her job well.  She offered us this hand written letter along with a heartfelt request for literature. We were grateful to discover that we had over one hundred books left over to offer the children of this school after we had delivered to ten other local schools. 


For Sara,
Receive my greetings, wishing you the best successes in your delicate on-takings. I want to tell you that I’ve heard that you are collaborating with educators to provide literature for children in the schools. What I ask you is if I could also collaborate so that I could also receive some of this literature. The school is called Dionesio de Herrera, and it is located in the Mesetas community in Opatoro, La Paz. If you could collaborate with the children and director of this school we would be indefinitely grateful.

Goodbye, and God bless you.

Ilda Orfilia Montirez