2,566 books delivered!

December 14, 2012

PictureVolunteer Becky Girmann reading out loud during a book donation meeting with the community

By: Becky Girmann

Community Health Partnership – Honduras (CHPH) from Cape Cod and Highlands Church from Denver came down to visit the La Florida area to decide how to proceed on projects in the area.  The goal was to deliver books and initiate partnerships to create a good foundation of collaborative work with local leaders.

While we had plenty of interviews and exploring to do, we had a short term goal of delivering over 2,566 books to the tiny rural schools in the area. As a teacher, I was amazed by how much support the schools receive from the communities. I realized how much I took for granted the materials, books and school buildings that made my job so much easier, and seeing the joy on the faces of the children as their school received much needed literature brought an equal joy to my own heart.

The first day we arrived, news of the books spread fast. Within an hour, there were a dozen children on the front porch of the adobe house, pouring through the children’s literature. These children truly understood what a precious resource they had encountered.

As we travelled to 10 area schools, entire communities came out to greet us. Children were eager to touch, hold, read and even smell the books in areas where there is no library for them to explore. Parents, teachers and community leaders showed enthusiasm for these learning tools, and everyone giggled as we put on a silly presentation for the children on how to care for the books. We spent time reading with the children and encouraging parents to do the same. Ultimately, we were all blessed by the intentional community that was born.

CHPH met with the local health center and the health community volunteers.  We all met also with the mayor, community government leaders, the district superintendent, various teachers, and religious leaders.  Both groups and community leaders are excited about the possibilities of future projects.


16 communities in monthly meeting of volunteer health promoters. Photo by Jennifer Smith


Children read for hours on our front porch.


Our host family “mother” Sandra preparing a chicken dinner from their own chicken farm project.