Team Check-in

April 19, 2013

PictureDemonstrating how to thoroughly brush teeth with donated toothbrushes!

By: Becky Girmann

Jenny, Claire and I had our scheduled phone call with the Honduras team this evening. I’m happy to report that they were in such good spirits, it was often hard to understand them through the laughter! Here are some highlights of the call:   

– Notebooks, 130 toothbrushes, and hundreds of books have already been delivered to local schools. One father thanked the team, saying “We don’t have a chance to give our kids books.” 

– The team joined Community Health Partnership-Honduras (CHPH) for the medical brigade. Hill saw a startling 130 patients in one day, and the rest of the team became temporary pharmacists! They filled prescriptions and explained how and when to use each medication with the help of their wonderful translators.  

– There was a death in the community, and the team was able to sit with the family through wake. Everyone saw it as a positive connection with the family and they were grateful to be able to support them in their time of need through their prayers and presence. 

– The team reports a high level of safety. Hill is even excited about the possibility of bringing his kids down on a future trip!