Planning meetings in Honduras

March 25, 2015
Meetings in Honduras are often very different than I’d expect in the U.S. and even more so for a person like me who likes orderly planning.  Any other expats here in Honduras who can identify?

First, they are often fairly informal, as today’s meeting which was scheduled a few hours before we met.  Second, they can be half personal and rarely “get down to business.”  Third, the meetings can often only be done in person.  Not over the phone, not by email, but me and you, here and now.

These cultural differences can be frustrating for both sides of the table, but in the end, our meeting today accomplishes what we set out to do: make a finalized plan for construction for the volunteer group in a couple weeks.  And, in the end, I learn exactly what is valuable about Honduran cultural.  That relationships are more valuable than time.  Time isn’t money.  And, why stress?  It will get done, when it gets done.  Successful meeting complete.