Lofty dreams of a 17-year-old

March 26, 2015
It is truly incredible how the Chispa Project gets connected with volunteers.

In January, veteran Norris Burkes visited Honduras, brought books, and volunteered in a local bilingual school.  He also happens to write a syndicated column, and wrote about his trip.  That particular week’s column was read, cutout, and mailed to 17-year-old Anne Rodgers by a friend who knew that Anne was interested in education in underdeveloped countries.

As soon as Anne read the column, she got a hold of the Chispa Project and begin to explain to us.  For her senior year thesis project at a Christian magnet school in South Carolina, Anne was writing about gender discrepancies in education and to combat it.  She wanted to visit Honduras and to design a coloring book to help facilitate conversations with Honduras students about why to stay in school.  Our response?  “Yes, please!”

We also just happened to mention a kindergarten that needed renovations in the area that we’d be setting up her volunteer project.  Her response, “How much do I have to raise?”

Over the next few month’s we’ll be working with Anne to bring coloring books, crayons, and story books to El Sauce, La Paz, Honduras.  She’s also committed to raising $7,000 to rebuild the crumbling kindergarten.  Stay tune for updates here on the Chispa Project’s blog, but also find out more about how to support Anne’s project here.