Honduran Student Volunteers

April 8, 2015


Today, we had the unique opportunity to connect several partnerships that came together like a dream.  Marcala Bilingual School (MBS) is letting their 9th grade class take a field trip with a volunteer group from Highlands Church, Denver, CO. 

There are two goals: 1) practice translating between Spanish and English, and 2) give talks to 5 rural schools about personal hygiene.  The U.S. church group donated money for the Honduran students to prepare packets of a toothbrush, toothpaste, a washcloth, soap, and a comb. 

Packets were prepared in partnership with Tegucigalpa dentist Marlon Javier Toledo and ADEC.  ADEC sent engineer Oneida Garcia who today taught the MBS students how to talk about hygiene in their presentations.