Delivered Books to most remote school

August 23, 2015
Today we traveled to the border town Los Hornos to deliver books.  The town has new teachers each year, because they can never find teachers who want to commit to longer in this extremely remote location without electricity, bathrooms, or safe water.  It’s located below Las Estancias, and just to arrive took us 2.5 hours by bus, half hour by car, and a small hike.

This project was initiated through a group of Honduran student teachers, who as part of their class, have to do volunteer work.  The professor of the class contacted the Chispa Project to get books and visit Los Hornos with the student teachers.  We presented the books to the community, and then had a time of reading and piñata fun.  The Honduran student teachers each brought 2 books to contribute, piñatas, candy, and some small school supplies.  Then we all went to the river to swim, because like it’s name, Los Hornos was as hot as an oven. 

Today was the first time we’ve worked solely with and initiated by Honduran volunteers, and it was a blast.  Look forward to our next project with the student teacher volunteers in October!