Kindergarten Renovations Halfway Through

January 28, 2016
The kindergarten in El Sauce has been in despair for two decades without relief from the government.  The classroom was without electricity, a functioning bathroom, and a leaky roof.  This week completes the first half of the renovations with a new roof, bathrooms and a sink (pila), a fence, and electricity installed. 

Seventeen-year-old Anne Rodgers is to thank for the current renovations.  Partnering with Chispa Project who organized the project, Anne recently completed her fundraising goal of $7,000 to have the kindergarten renovated.  The second stage of the renovations to fix the walls will begin next week.  Read more about Anne’s story here.

The local community headed up the project creating a committee to decide how to use the money most effectively in the renovations.  El Sauce’s community donated 1/3 of the project’s value in volunteer labor, transportation, and sand.  With some of the leftover materials, they additionally raised money to complete a second project for the elementary school in building a gate.