Newest Addition

May 18, 2016
Meet our newest team member!  Fernando Javier Morales dove into his new job this week, starting with a 5 am bus ride to Nicaragua for some long days of workshops and observing other book projects.  We are thrilled to have such a dedicated and experienced worker join us as our Education Programs Administrator.  

Fernando was born and raised in Tegucigalpa where he finished high school and earned a degree in International Relations. He has always been involved in education and non-profit work and is focused on a career in community development.
He worked for several years in a global peace education organization, CISV International, and taught youth and trained adults about different topics such as human rights and sustainable development. He has delivered educational trainings in forums across the Americas.
His most recent work was for a Guatemalan nonprofit called Mayan Families that provides assistance to indigenous communities through education and community development programs. Here, he managed a vocational education and a microloans program.
His favorite book is A Veinte Años Luz, known in English as My Name is Light, by Elsa Osorio.