Working Closely with School Teachers

July 27, 2016
Chispa Project’s focus is education in rural communities of Honduras. We work hard to make sure that children in these remote areas have access to books. In a rural setting in which school registration drops to 50%, we believe that by helping children with their reading skills we can help them with their studies and motivate them to stay in schools. A key part in making this happen is working closely with teachers.

We are currently working on a mobile library system that will bring books to 20 schools and kindergartens in very remote communities. In order to make this happen, we made sure that we had the approval of those who are responsible for education in these schools. We have been fortunate to find, not only the approval, but also the support of the Teachers Association of South Opatoro which covers 16 schools – all of which will be a part of our program!

Over the past weeks, we have held several meetings and workshops with teachers of the communities where we work. By having these meetings and making teachers a part of the process in setting up our projects, we all benefit. First, teachers are empowered in the creative process and contribute with their expertise of the area. Second, we make sure that our work is well received by teachers, families, students, and the entire community.
We are confident that after these meetings and workshops, the different projects we are setting up will be a big success!