Welcome Teresa!

September 12, 2016


Today is Teresa’s first day on the job, and we’re so excited to have her!  Maria Teresa Sanchez has a background of Psychology and great skills with public speaking and workshops.  She will be our new Educational Programs Administrator.

Teresa was born and raised in Tegucigalpa. She has always been interested in the country’s development it is why she decided to study psychology to help people.  She believes that just having a positive attitude is how we can move forward and that makes us focus on the present.

She always liked reading since childhood, because reading gives us unimaginable worlds and adventures from the comfort of the bed.  And, of course, the more a person reads his capacity for analysis and self-criticism is increased. People can make decisions based on realities it being objective; it is important to cultivate the love of reading.  She describes herself as a free spirit, constantly searching, vegetarian respectful and loving life.
Her favorite book is The Book of Wisdom Discourses on Atisha’s Seven Points of Mind Training​ by Osho.  “Wisdom is knowing. And when you know, you need not guess. You are not guessing that this is morning and the birds are singing and the trees are bathed in sunlight. You are not guessing it, you are not thinking that it is so. If somebody is guessing it, then he must be blind or at least drunk. It is an experience, and every experience is self-validating.”