Libros y Familias

May 12, 2017


Here in Honduras, and not uncommon in other places, it is customary to think that teachers should entirely responsible for the education of children.  Especially in more rural areas, many parents defer to the authority of the teachers because they have more formal education than the parents.  This is problematic because in the end, parents know their children the best and have the ability to be their child’s best teacher.

This week we have the unique opportunity to partner with BECA (Bilingual Schools in Central America) in their “Libros y Familias” event (“Books and Families”).  During the event, students get to choose a book in Spanish to take home that were donated in partnership with BECA and Chispa Project.  

Parents attended a presentation that covered 3 main points:
1) Reading is Important
2) Parents are their children’s best teachers
3) Ways to help reading abilities at home

We laughed, we made fun of the U.S. presenter’s Spanish, and parents shouted out how they knew reading was important.  In the end we concluded the following: in order to help our children have the option to be the best they can be, they need a base of good education and that starts at home and with good reading habits.