Sparking reading with class sets!

May 13, 2017


Meet Tim.  He is a volunteer at Santa Monica Bilingual School in Cofradía, Honduras with BECA (Bilingual Education in Central America).  This year he realized a major need for helping his students with reading comprehension was class sets.  So, he started somewhat like we did: knocking on the doors of friends and family.  All in all, Tim raised a $1,000 and then got in touch with us.

The best part of being a small organization is we can do more with less.  Partnering with Tim and being incredibly resourceful like we are, we were able to get 22 class sets of books in bilingual and English books.  It was almost like Christmas unloading the 500 books, minus the stifling 96 degree heat of North Honduras in the summer.  

Tim’s only extra specific request?  To also bring his personal favorites to add to the school library: A to Z Mysteries and the Magic Treehouse series.   Any other fans out there?  Give a holler!
Congratulations, Tim, and being a great example how a spark can go a long way.  Contact us if you are interested in fundraising for a specific literacy project in Honduras that we can help partner with you and make your donation go further.