Reading in the Waiting Room

June 1, 2017
Five years ago, Community Health Partnership- Honduras (CHPH) came to visit La Florida, La Paz with Chispa Project testing the waters for a new site to bring medical brigades.  Since then, Chispa and CHPH have worked together as two new and growing non-profits to support each other in resources and connections.  This year, that support showed up in the waiting room.

Hundreds of people gather each day in the large community center waiting for their turn to see one of the medical brigade doctors who work along side local medics to provide integral care.  They sometimes wait all day just see a specialist.  So this year, while waiting, Chispa Project set up a reading corner.  We talked with parents about the importance of reading, lent books out, and provided activities to the children using stories books to promote self-esteem, and to reduce stress and anxiety.  The children had fun while reinforcing reading habits through  shared reading between peers, reading aloud, creating their own stories (written or drawn). 

CHPH also provides trainings for the health promoter volunteers to take back health information to their local villages.  This year, Chispa also participated with a training on how families can  promote reading habits in young children even if there are not books home.

Thanks CHPH for the invitation, and we look forward to the next brigade in October!