Library in the Wild, Wild East

August 20, 2017
​Catacamas is one of the last towns on the edge of Honduras’ mostly unmapped wilderness.  Here there is a small children’s home and school called Por Los Niños.  Like some of the schools we work with, the school already has books, but could use some help in renovating their space and organization.
Our work was cut out for us, as we worked together with the students and teachers to categorize the books and get rid of books that were no longer in good shape or up-to-date.
Volunteer Emily Smith was busy painting her original artwork in the library and in each of the four houses in the children’s home.
The race is on to finish the library by the last day.  We’re busy making an inventory of every book title and putting on a sticker code.
Whew!  Finally finish organizing all the books by category in a clean and beautiful space. Thanks, Por Los Niños, for a lovely trip!