A storybook on how to brush your teeth

October 30, 2017
Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be a dentist.  She had been on medical brigades in Honduras twice before, but wanted to find a preventative measure for all the rotten teeth she was seeing.
The girl worked all of her senior year in high school to write a story for beginner readers about how to take care of your teeth and designed a coloring book with the story.  She collaborated with friends to get beautiful drawings and add Honduran sayings.  

​Then, she flew to Honduras and drove all across the rural Honduran countryside talking to 450 children in one week about why they should brush their teeth.  Armed with several real rotten teeth samples and a handy dad in tow, she gave each child a coloring book, a pack of colored pencils, and a new toothbrush.  
The girl’s name is Elise Blackburn, and this is her story of working with Chispa Project.