Connecting Readers from Germany to Honduras

November 15, 2017


We are constantly amazed at how people from around the world are connected with Honduras, and Diana Klein’s story is no different.
Diana lived in Honduras as participating with the Germany Society for International Cooperation in 2015.  There, her discovery is the same as ours: books in Honduras are inaccessible to the general population.  Books here are often expensive, hard to find, and of low quality.
Now back teaching in Germany at Leifheit Campus, she took advantage of her new connection to Honduras to pass her knowledge along to her students.  In June 2017, Leifheit Campus carried out a charity day called “Movement for Honduras.”  The students cooked and sold typical Honduran food, played children’s games, and sold handicrafts painted with Honduran and Germany motifs.  The day taught participants a little of the diversity and beauty of Honduran culture while raising a sum of $4,000.
Diana then found and reached out to Chispa Project as she felt our mission matched what she envisioned in a book donation.  Chispa Project works with organizations like Diana’s to help sponsor particular reading programs or benefit a chosen school.  The money will go towards creating school library the José Cecilio del Valle School in Santa María, La Paz.  Chispa Project will match the donation’s value in order to donate a total of 650 children’s books and provide the trainings and follow-up throughout 2018.
Chispa Project started working with Santa María and this past week met with the school’s newly formed library committee who will run and maintain the library program.  Thanks, Diana and Leifheit Campus for reaching out, and to Santa María for being a community excited and ready to work for a new library!