Scotland non-profit, educate., sponsors a library

January 9, 2018


educate. is a small, Scottish-registered non-profit that works to support education in Honduras through scholarship programmes for excellent but underprivileged students and projects at schools and orphanages around the country. They believe that education lies at the root of sustainable development in Honduras. A key part of education is of course literacy, and with books so hard to come by in Honduras, many children are never provided with opportunities to read, which not only helps develop their literacy skills but can also spark a love of learning.
educate. came across Chispa Project via a tweet from the director’s father, suggesting educate. have a look at Chispa’s work. Inspired and impressed not only by Chispa’s mission but also by the community-driven development approach used to create the individual library programs, educate. contacted Chispa to see how they contribute and decided to sponsor a library.

One of educate.’s board members spent a year living in El Progreso, working at a nearby children’s home, and was drawn to the idea of starting a library in this area. All of the educate. board members deeply believe in the value of education and the impact that access to books can have. “I was a voracious reader growing up,” says Antonia McGrath, educate.’s Chair, “but only because I had access to books. Reading isn’t just about deciphering letters, it’s about imagination, it opens your mind to other worlds and possibilities. And for children in public schools in a country like Honduras, that is invaluable.

educate. is excited to be providing children with access to books in their own language, and teaching them, their teachers and their parents how to use the library effectively.  They know this will give them the chance to learn and the opportunity to grow as students, thinkers and dreamers.   Thanks, educate., for helping sponsor a library!

For more information on sponsoring a library, contact us here.  To read more about educate.’s project and/or donate, read here!