It’s time!  Turning a new page…

November 27, 2018


The Honduran school year runs February through November.  It’s great for getting a long Christmas break, enjoying the cool and dry mountain weather, and it’s coffee picking time!  Many of our students help pick coffee to support their families, and coffee is Honduras’ second biggest export after bananas.

As they work hard this season, we at Chispa Project are also working hard to help them get the educational resources they need to be successful in the 2019 school year.  Whether it’s discovering a new way to develop organic coffee, or engineer a new water treatment plant, books help our students be more creative and develop critical thinking skills. 

This past year has been incredibly successful, and I’m so grateful for all your continued support.  We’ve completed 8 new libraries and reached 3,000 kids, all thanks to you.  Our 2019 goals reach even further:

  • 10 new libraries
  • 5,000 more students
  • 100 more teachers
  • An additional Honduran job opportunity
  • Going from 2 wheels to 4 (we’ve got to upgrade from the motorcyle)
  • And, our biggest library to date with 1,100 books!

Honduras has been in the news a lot recently between caravan immigration and unaccompanied minors at the border.  For many, life in Honduras is incredibly difficult, which makes sustainable change and your help so urgent today.

We know that books help change the story for Honduran kids by making a grassroots difference within local communities.  This is the first time our students have ever had access to children’s books and that’s all thanks to you.

This Giving Tuesday be part of the change.  $25 sponsors a child to get a library.   How many kids can you directly help today?  Donate online at to give the gift of reading.

P.S. Check out our new feature to donate in honor of someone who loves reading as a special holiday gift!