Our family is growing!

April 21, 2019

This new year has already held so many exciting new milestones for Chispa Project.  First, in the first few months of the new school year (which started in February), we have donated more books than any other year in the past!  This means we’ve already inaugurated 6 of the 10 new schools planned for this year, and donated over 4,300 books.  -whew!

Ton Rodriguez inaugurated a library with the famous puppet, Lucia

Second, our family is growing!  We have 2 new hires this year who we are pleased to have on the Chispa team.  Their spunk and willingness to jump in to our busiest season has been blessing, and they’ve loved traveling across the country to our new schools.  Read more about Ton Rodriguez and Dunia Estrada here.

Finally, congrats to our director, Sara Burkes, who just got engaged!  We are excited for this new step in her life, and we love that her fiancé, Adam Brakhane, is such a big fan and supporter of Chispa Project.  For several years, Sara has been working part time from the U.S. in book acquisition and donor relations.  Our board of directors and Chispa Honduran employees have been preparing for Sara to transition a little more to Chicago, but recognize that this is a necessary step as Chispa Project continues to grow and we’ll require more presence in the U.S. where we get most of our funding, books, and international volunteers.  Adam will also be spending more time in Honduras, and we’re grateful to continue to use him as an incredibly handsome, and helpful, book mule and resident computer programmer.

Adam Brakhane helping paint a reading corner

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