Chispa Project is honored to be working with so many amazing people who strive to make Honduras a place they can be proud to call home.  Our mission, vision, and values reflect our desire to come alongside local communities and be a bridge to resources needed in education.  We hope the pictures and the stories we tell through our organization reflect the pride, hope, and dedication that many people have for their communities and country.  This story is not one of deficiency, but rather a story of a promising future.  We hope to be a part of sparking that future as fellow learners with the teachers, students, and volunteers that make Chispa Project a reality.

Our Mission

Spark a culture of reading through student access to books.
Support educators to engage creatively.
Facilitate intercultural exchange through service.

Our Vision

Spark a desire for lifetime learning to enhance quality of life.

Our Values

We are committed to:

Partnering with communities dedicated to maximizing the benefits of their book collections.

Teach transformative pedagogy and co-constructing knowledge.

Stimulate community accountability through follow-up visits and future book donation incentives.

Create individual reading opportunities for students in the classroom.

Organize and facilitate culturally responsible exchange opportunities.

How We Work

Build authentic relationships through active listening and collective engagement.


Be cognizant of our intent and impact; improving alignment the espoused mission and our operation effects to make sure we are most effectively achieving Our Mission.


Make deliberate space and time for conversations about privilege and oppression.


Acknowledge the influence of our personal experiences in our biases and worldview.