Resilience – education in a time of pandemic

      The Marta Banegas School Network comprises 10 educational centers, with an average of 590 students, and 20 teachers. The educational centers are in the Intibucá region in Western Honduras. Since the end of 2019, the Chispa Project began the selection process for the installation of a library. By January 2020, the Network […]

Our family is growing!

This new year has already held so many exciting new milestones for Chispa Project.  First, in the first few months of the new school year (which started in February), we have donated more books than any other year in the past!  This means we’ve already inaugurated 6 of the 10 new schools planned for this year, […]

Volunteer Mayhem

What happens when you get a whole bunch of volunteers together for a week from across the U.S. who have never met before?  You make a great library! From March 10 -17, 13 U.S. volunteers worked shoulder to shoulder with the Chispa Project team in Honduras to inaugurate a new library in Dr. Jorge Roberto Maradiaga […]

Partnerships are key

February starts a new school year in Honduras, and we are excited for this “Next Chapter” for making 10 new libraries in 2019.  We continue reaching out to partner with organizations who often know a particular community in need and can strengthen the local relationship.  We’ve also started to work with a couple local Rotary […]

It’s time!  Turning a new page…

The Honduran school year runs February through November.  It’s great for getting a long Christmas break, enjoying the cool and dry mountain weather, and it’s coffee picking time!  Many of our students help pick coffee to support their families, and coffee is Honduras’ second biggest export after bananas. As they work hard this season, we […]

Transform Libraries, Transform Societies

Last week, we were honored to be asked to present the Chispa Project perspective on sustainable libraries at the XIII Jornada de Bibliotecología en Honduras (the XIII Conference for Librarianship in Honduras), where we connected with librarians, teachers, administrators, lawyers, and above all, people passionate about literacy and access to resources, from all across Honduras. […]

Joey’s Five Favorite Firsts

On a choco banano hunt in Florida, Opatoro Today we said goodbye to Joey Torres, a pastor, friend, and third year PhD student studying the intersection of race and Evangelical Christianity at the University of California, Davis. Joey spent two months volunteering with us– during which he slept in 10 different beds, visited towns and cities […]

‘Twas the first day of classes…

Shaking hands with la Famosa Lucia …and all through the school, students showed off their new backpacks, trying to play it cool;the books were placed in the library with care, in the hopes that la Famosa Lucia would soon be there;the students then traveled from station to station, entering a new world full of books […]

Finding Balance with Cynthia Chasteen

We sat down with Chispa Project board member Dr. Cynthia Chasteen to learn about her book preferences, how she finds balance, and how she lives the Chispa Project mission in her everyday life.  Teacher Training Balancing with girls from the children’s home Spontaneous yoga with some of the girls from the children’s home Cynthia Chasteen […]

Igniting the “Spark” with Escuela Tim Hines

The school is quiet after a long day of book organizing, shelf building, painting, and planning. The new library at Centro Educativo Básico Tim Hines is complete and the only sounds to be heard in the library are the wind rushing through the trees outside, and the scrapes of paper across paper as one of […]