Over the river and through the woods….and up a very steep hill!

Grandmother’s house” may have been quite a trip in the popular children’s song, but she’s got nothing on this school in Santa Maria, La Paz.  The beautiful but steep road leads us from one mountain top to another, crossing a river in the bottom of the valley to the Jose Cecilio del Valle School, grades […]

Can you make a difference?

Guest blog written by Chaplain Norris Burkes after visiting our reading corner program at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) children’s home.  900 books rotate each month through the different houses and are set out in the recently installed reading corners. Have you ever asked yourself how you, as an individual, can make a life-changing difference in the […]

Straight to the point with “educate.”

Check out all the reasons why we all think libraries are important, and that this non-profit, educate., is making the ultimate effort to get our newest library in Honduras sponsored all the way from Europe.

Scotland non-profit, educate., sponsors a library

educate. is a small, Scottish-registered non-profit that works to support education in Honduras through scholarship programmes for excellent but underprivileged students and projects at schools and orphanages around the country. They believe that education lies at the root of sustainable development in Honduras. A key part of education is of course literacy, and with books so […]

Connecting Readers from Germany to Honduras

We are constantly amazed at how people from around the world are connected with Honduras, and Diana Klein’s story is no different. Diana lived in Honduras as participating with the Germany Society for International Cooperation in 2015.  There, her discovery is the same as ours: books in Honduras are inaccessible to the general population.  Books here […]

A storybook on how to brush your teeth

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be a dentist.  She had been on medical brigades in Honduras twice before, but wanted to find a preventative measure for all the rotten teeth she was seeing. The girl worked all of her senior year in high school to write a story for beginner […]

Library in the Wild, Wild East

​Catacamas is one of the last towns on the edge of Honduras’ mostly unmapped wilderness.  Here there is a small children’s home and school called Por Los Niños.  Like some of the schools we work with, the school already has books, but could use some help in renovating their space and organization. Our work was […]

60% of our Goal for 5,000 Books!

One year ago we applied with International Book Project to receive books sent to us in Honduras. We are excited to now see all the hard work come to fruition!    In June, we gathered 2,000 books in Denver. We shipped the books to Kentucky to International Book Project. International Book Project added our books […]

Reading in the Waiting Room

Five years ago, Community Health Partnership- Honduras (CHPH) came to visit La Florida, La Paz with Chispa Project testing the waters for a new site to bring medical brigades.  Since then, Chispa and CHPH have worked together as two new and growing non-profits to support each other in resources and connections.  This year, that support […]

Sparking reading with class sets!

Meet Tim.  He is a volunteer at Santa Monica Bilingual School in Cofradía, Honduras with BECA (Bilingual Education in Central America).  This year he realized a major need for helping his students with reading comprehension was class sets.  So, he started somewhat like we did: knocking on the doors of friends and family.  All in […]