Cynthia Chasteen

Why is Cynthia all about books for Honduras?

Books have always been an important part of my life. My mother is an avid reader and she shared this passion with me and allowed me to purchase multiple books from every Scholastic book fair. As an educator, I want to share my passion for reading, along with its importance in success in school and life, with children and parents alike. I was fortunate to have access to school and public libraries and book stores full of books.

However, not all children have that luxury, especially children in Honduras. I joined the board of directors of Project Chispa to provide that opportunity for children in Honduras. Every child should have access to books.

Please help support my mission to share books and literacy with children in Honduras!

Cynthia is our newest board member, and we loved hosting her last year during a week of volunteering with Chispa and our teacher trainings!  Read about her adventures here.

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