A library for Niñas in Honduras

Why is this library special?

Chispa Project is partnering up with Honduran non-profit organization Niña (“girl” in Spanish) to  install a library that focuses on literacy for girls!  

This library will be installed in an school in inner-city Tegucigalpa, Honduras with 687 students, grades 1 – 9.  This library will provide 1,400 children’s books with specific books empowering girls.  Our Chispa team will work with community members to form a library committee who will run the library. 

We also have multiple trainings for the parents, teachers, and students for who to take care of their library collection and promote a culture of reading.  This year-long program will setup the library and give the follow-up to help library sustainability in the following years.  

Niña will continue to do programming with the books and activities provided by Chispa Project.

What does creating a library involve?

1. Library Commmitee

The school creates their own committee of teachers and parents who will organize, plan, and monitor the development of the library. They will also help fundraise in a symbolic way to participate as peers instead of solely recipients of aid.

2. Install the Library

Together, students, teachers, parents, and Chispa Project work to decorate and organize the library space, labeling books, setting up bookshelves, creating an inventory, and painting lively murals to encourage reading.

3. Educational Workshops

Chispa Project provides three workshops.

  1. Teachers learn creative strategies for incorporating reading in their daily lessons.
  2. Parents visit the library and discuss how to support their children’s reading habits.
  3. Students are oriented to check-out process and the proper care of books.

4. Library Inauguration

In a day-long rotation of book and story related activities for the students, the purpose of the inauguration is to promote literacy and the love of books in the community, and to commemorate the great achievement of the school and the library committee in completing the library.

5. Project Sustainability

Throughout the school year, Chispa Project checks in with the school to make sure that the library is running as the committee originally decided. We continue to provide technical support and evaluations as needed.