Survival Fund

We have always taken pride in keeping our administrative costs minimal in order to invest most in the children we serve.  Now, we have cut those costs back even further to ensure that we can continue to reach at-risk youth with the world of books once the crisis ends.

Help Chispa Project survive to continue to reach children with their first books.


What's the issue?

  • Despite cutting our budget to the bare bones, Chispa Project is still at risk of shutting down. 
  • This survival fund is strictly to ensure our employees survive and our rent and car bills are paid.
  • We need $9,000 to help us survive through the current crisis.

What can I do?

  • We know many people and groups are in need.  
  • After ensuring the well-being of your family, and front-line organizations in the COVID-19 emergencies, donate to grassroots non-profits like Chispa Project to ensure survival of the important work we do with your help.

Why $300?

  • If only 30 people donate $300, we can reach our goal.
  • After donating to local needs, consider donating $300 (a quarter of your stimulus check).
  • The new law will give a $300 tax break for all charitable donations on top of your standardized deduction in 2020 taxes.

Checks can be made out to Chispa Project and sent to:

Chispa Project
10566 Combie Rd, Suite 6643
Auburn, CA 95602
United States