Back for a Buck

Let's send kids back to school!
Your donation today gets matched up to $10,000!


Over 2 million Honduran kids are out of school because they cannot afford the additional costs of distant learning.  Don’t let $1 stand in their way.

$1 gives a kid a mask

$1 provides school supplies and homework packets

$1 sends a book home

Donate today and your gift is matched dollar for dollar.


What's the issue?

  • Covid has caused unexpected costs that have become unaffordable for parents and teachers to keep their kids in school including the price of masks and hand sanitizer.  Also, because kids are working from home, they have to pay to print copies of their homework to take home.
  • $1 gives a local woman a job to make a reusable mask for a child.  $1 provides school supplies.  $1 lends a book home with a kid.
  • Chispa Project focuses on sustainable practices.  The extraordinary circumstances have led to extraordinary costs, and we are determined to help schools through this crisis on a extraordinary basis, despite it being out of our normal practices of donation.
  • This year, the Honduran school year runs from March – November 2021.  Give kids a good start to their year!

Your donation is matched!

  • Several individual donors have banned together to make this matching fund possible.    
  • Generosity inspires generosity, and every gift, no matter what size makes a difference.
  • Seize the opportunity to double your impact this matching fund!  


Checks can be made out to Chispa Project and sent to:

Chispa Project
10556 Combie Rd, Suite 6643
Auburn, CA 95602
United States