Juan Lindo School

A joint Chispa Project and Rotary partnership proposal  

Tampa Rotaract inspired this partnership to get this library installed.  Tampa Rotaract and Chispa both inspire to help as much as possible regardless of size, age, or funds!  As they say in Honduras, all it takes is for everyone to give their “grain of sand” to make this library a reality.  We will be donating 700 books to benefit the 350 students in this rural community.

 Whatever Rotary clubs or individuals donate here towards their $5,820 goal, Chispa will match with an additional $5,820.  

The Really Good Story

Chispa Projects receives many petitions for libraries across the country.  We know that what really makes a library a success, however, is the greater school community.  Chispa Project wants to be in partnership with our communities and we need partners who are going to work as hard as we do.

That’s how this school got on our radar.  One day, around 10pm, we received a text message on the Chispa cell asking to “Please include our school to be benefited by a library. Thank you.” Then, we get another message. And another. Parents and teachers begin flooding our Chispa Project inboxes with emails and text messages.  This is the kind of community we want to work with: one with gumption and “spark!” to really make reading part of their culture.

The Juan Lindo school has 350 students and 12 teachers.  Their school is spread out across the town in various buildings trying to fit all the kids from the expanding town.  They already have a librarian, but like most Honduran schools, no books.  Let’s help this community level up their school!

Library Proposal Details

The nitty-gritty is what makes this project a success.  Chispa Project worked hard to create a library process that empowers our communities as we work together in making a unique school library.  Check out the deets here!

Step 1: Agreement Outlined

After deciding to work together, Chispa Project will meet with the director of the school, the president of the padres de familia, and any other teachers or parents who would like to be involved.  We will explain the process of the library implementation and verify the willingness of the school to participate in the library program.

The school will then fill out form with all their information and the form requires the signature of the school leadership.  We will then create an agreement (or contract) for all parties involved to sign showing the commitments of each party in completing the library.

Step 2: Library Committee

After the agreement is finalized, the school will create a committee made of students, parents and teachers.  The committee will have a technical-administrative base, meaning that the committee will organize, plan, and monitor the development of the library from start to inauguration and beyond. Chispa Project will provide training for the library committee over the first couple months throughout the library process to support the committee with their primary responsibilities as listed here:

  • Create library mission and policies
  • Plan the layout of the library space
  • Introduce the school community to the library project
  • Recruit community volunteers for the installation and inauguration of the library

Once the library has been inaugurated, the committee will be charged with the sustainability of the library, with responsibilities such as:

  • Promoting reading, circulation, and borrowing of books in the school community.
  • Maintaining and updating the library inventory as appropriate
  • Fundraising, managing donations, and holding fundraising events and activities.


Step 3: Installing the Library

Chispa Project will deliver all materials, books, and decorations to the school or institution as outlined in the contract. Chispa Project, together with volunteers from the school community and committee, will organize the library space, including categorizing and inventorying the books, integrating the new books with existing collections, and setting up bookshelves, and painting small murals within the library.

 Step 4: Educational Workshops 

Chispa Project will provide three workshops for the teachers, parents, and students and other community members who will be using the library space. The library committee and the Chispa Project will work together to agree on workshop dates.

Workshop 1: Teachers will learn creative approaches to using books in their classrooms and will gain confidence in important literacy strategies such as reading out loud and classroom management in a day-long workshop.

Workshop 2: Parents and guardians will learn about how they can contribute to their children’s reading ability, and creative ways to use the resources available in the home and from the library.

Workshop 3: Students will learn all about how to take care of books, and the process of borrowing them from the library during the library inauguration.

Step 5: Library Inauguration!

The library committee and Chispa Project will work together to plan for the library inauguration including the schedule, activities, and materials, etc. that will be needed to make the day a success. During the event, Chispa Project will give a talk for students on the proper care of books and use of the library space. Following the talk, students will participate in activities designed to promote literacy and excitement for their new library. The purpose of the inauguration is to promote literacy and the love of books in the community, and to commemorate the great achievement of the school and the library committee in completing the library.

Step 6: Project Sustainability

A month or two after the library installation and inauguration, Chispa Project will check to make sure the library is running as outlined in the policies originally created by the library committee.  Chispa will help walk through any problems, and help the committee revise any policies that need to be updated.  Finally, a final report will be signed to show completion of the project by both sides.  Chispa Project will continue to be available to the school community as needed.

700Books and Shipping $                  7 $      4,900
12Materials for the Teachers’ workshop $                20 $         240
8Bookshelves $              150 $      1,200
5Travel and per diem expenses for 2 Chispa employees per trip $              100 $         500
2Program Administrators  $              700 $      1,400
1Library Materials, decorations, Rotary plaque $           2,000 $      2,000
350Inauguration Fair (per student) $                  4 $      1,400
    $    11,640

Books plus S&H

The school includes grades 1-6, meaning the book collection will be curated to include these ages and diverse interests.  Books are a range of hardcover, chapter books, board books, easy readers, and picture books from the U.S., Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Guatemala.  The book price includes the acquisition cost and shipping to Honduras. 


Materials for the Teacher’s Workshop

Our 2-day teachers’ workshop provides a folder with printed resources and activities for each teacher.  Teachers also receive various small prizes for participation and actively participate in arts and crafts.



Bookshelves will be provided to hold the books in ways that are attractive and useful.  The final design of each bookshelf will be agreed upon with the school library committee.  The shelves will be made or purchased in Honduras.


Travel and per diem

This budget line includes gas, budget hotels, and basic food for our 2 program administrators in charge of implementing this library.  They will stay several nights per trip, and make at least 5 overnight trips to the school.

Program Administrators

Two program administrators from Chispa Project will collaborate with school throughout 2021 – 2022.  They will guide, plan, make purchased, and implement the library renovation, provide all training, lead the inauguration, and provide follow-up to ensure sustainable practices throughout the entire school year and beyond as necessary.


Library Materials

This category includes all the administrative needs of the library including, but not limited to:

  • Customized stamps to show school name in book
  • Labels and tape to code each book
  • Book repair kit
  • Manual lending system supplies
  • Library manual and policies


Decorations, paint, posters, etc.
The library will be entirely repainted and include decorative designs painted by parents and students to make the space attractive.  This budget also includes decorative posters and library signage, and a Rotary plaque.

Inauguration Fair (per student)

The inauguration of the library will be a day of celebration to officially open the library.  During the school day, students rotate between activity stations to learn more about the different types of books their library includes.  Teachers and parent volunteers run each station using their training with Chispa help.  Students take home a craft of memento from each station’s activity.

What does a Chispa library entail?

Thank you for your support!