Marti: Books for Honduras!

Why is Marti all about books for Honduras?

This year, Marti spent a week in Honduras volunteering and installing a library in Honduras.  The library gave 2,100 new books to 935 elementary school students.  Marti sewed cushions, inventoried books, and painted murals.  But most of all, Marti was touched by the children.  Literally. 

Her first day at the school, a mob of excited students greeted her with hugs and enthusiastic handshakes.  No amount of “no hablo español” could deter them from their enthusiastic chatter and questions.  What amazed Marti most, however, was their complete enamor of the books, and even hugging the new books in their excitement.  For many students, this was their first time having children’s books in their hands.

As an educator, Marti taught beginning and struggling readers.  She knows first hand how important it is that students find a book that excites them.  Chispa Project donates new books that vary with age and subject, allowing each kid to find something that prompts them to open a book.  And that what makes a reader – and, more importantly, a lifetime learner.

“This is the opportunity I had with books.  My older sisters and mom would read to me, and they would make stories come to life.  This is an opportunity for you to change children’s lives,” says Marti.  

Hear more of Marti’s own words below, donate to support her fundraising goal, because we know books change the story with Chispa Project libraries.  

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