Read-a-Thon to make a library in Honduras!
December 6 - 19

We are excited to announce that Westminster Presbyterian Church is partnering with our Presbyterian youth group friends in Honduras to install a library in the Republica de Mexico School in Guaimaca, Honduras.  Chispa Project is a non-profit based in Honduras who will help guide our process.

The money we are able to raise with our read-a-thon will help provide training for teachers, books and library materials, decorations, and a celebratory inauguration for the students to explore their new library.   Donate below online or you can send checks to:
Chispa Project
10556 Combie Road, Ste 6643
Auburn, CA 95602

 Every dollar donated will be matched by Chispa Project!

Ready, set, read!

Time to start reading!

How it works

Students are currently collecting sponsors to pledge money for a read-a-thon fundraiser. You can sponsor a student with a dollar amount per chapter and up to a specified dollar amount (ie. $5 per chapter, up to $200).  During the read-a-thon (December 6-19) students will keep track of their chapters read and report to their sponsors on December 19.  You can make your donation here!

Why we're doing this

We’re so excited to be a part of this project and pray that you’d join us in this work! We believe reading is of vital importance for kids and youth everywhere because it opens their vast imaginations, helps them grow in empathy and helps create a more equitable world. We believe that all of God’s children bear the divine spark of beautify, creativity, and love – a divine spark that casts light on the world for a bright and good future.

We also know that this project will not only benefit the kids who get the library, but help our Westminister youth and the youth groups in Honduras grow together in serving others. 

What does creating a library involve?

Our partnering organization in Honduras is a non-profit dedicated to creating libraries.  They partner with schools to create sustainable libraries in schools that get the whole community involved.  They are committed to working a whole school year to make sure our library gets installed and is well-managed by community members.  Watch more about their process here:

Resources for Read-a-Thon participants

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