Emergency Grants for Distance Learning

Help Honduras students continue their education during this crisis by providing emergency school supplies and materials for kids to work from home.

Chispa Project is collaborating with school administrations to outline a plan and materials needed for distant learning.   Read below to hear the stories of the schools that applied for small emergency grants and how you can directly help.


Republica de Francia Elementary
Tegucigalpa, 912 students

Along with a new printer, paper, ink, pencils, and disinfectant, we will be giving each of the 912 students an activity book!

COMPLETED! Pompilio Ortega School
San Pedro Sula, 631 students

Marta Banegas School District
Intibucá, 576 students

COMPLETED! Enmanuel Elementary School
Tegucigalpa, 571 students

Tiburcio Carias School
Intibucá, 753 students

Dionisio de Herrera
La Paz, 350 students

La Cuesta Elementary School Tegucigalpa, 402 students

COMPLETED! Ramón Ortega Elementary School Las Liconas, Comayagua, 140 students

Francisco Morazán School
Guaymitas, El Progreso, 631 students

Manuel de Jesús Elementary
El Progreso, Yoro, 275 students

COMPLETED! Tim Hines School
Tegucigalpa, 431 students

COMPELTED! José Cecilio del Valle Elementary
Santa María, La Paz, 138 students

Checks can be made out to Chispa Project and sent to:

Chispa Project
10566 Combie Rd, Suite 6643
Auburn, CA 95602
United States