A joint U.S. and Honduran youth library

Photos from previous youth group exchange trips.

What's so special about this library?

We are thrilled to see this library that is a joint project between a U.S. Presbyterian youth group and a Honduran Presbyterian youth group.  Prior to the pandemic, these churches’ youth tried to maintain their relationship through regular visits and joint service projects.

While the pandemic has rendered international travel difficult, the idea rose in trying to sponsor a library together.  The groups would each help fundraise in their own countries and join the funds to then allow Honduran youth to implement a library.  The U.S. group chose to do a read-a-thon and their church committed to helping raise half of the funds necessary for a library.

Chispa Project is committed to finding matching donors for every dollar the students raise.  Help us here raise $9,000 more dollars towards our total goal.

What school will this benefit?

This school was primarily chosen because the principal is also the youth leader in his community.  After initial meetings with the school community, both Chispa and the school decided the project was a good fit.  

The school is in a suburb town outside of the capitol city, Tegucigalpa.  It serves almost 1,000 kids grades 1 – 6.  The school community itself also participates in the fundraising process and already raised their goal of $1,000 towards this project. 

What does creating a library involve?

Chispa Project is a non-profit dedicated to creating libraries in Honduras.  We partner with schools to create sustainable libraries in schools that get the whole community involved.  We are committed to working a whole school year to make sure our library gets installed and is well-managed by community members.  

The $18,000 budget for this library will help provide:

  •  Teacher, parent and student workshops to promote reading and proper library usage
  • Community leadership training in running a library
  • 2,000 books and bookshelves
  • Decorations, paint, mats and cushions
  • Craft supplies for reading activities and a library inauguration celebration
  • Follow-up and oversight over the entire school year


Watch more about our general process here:

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