Teacher Development

The workshops are required for teachers in schools receiving books to talk together about ways to make the books most effective in the classroom. The workshops are also available at a nominal fee for schools who do not want or need books, but request the workshop.

The workshops focus on three main parts depending on the school need, location, level and organization. The first area focuses on classroom management to assist with making the workday more effective for the student learning environment. The second part is how to teach multi-grade or multi-level classrooms. Often in rural schools, teachers teach more than one grade. Some schools even have one teacher for all elementary grades 1-6. Even for teachers that only teach one grade, they will still often have a dramatic difference in ability level within the grade due to low accountability in student expectations and the grading process when passing students. Finally, the third part of training focuses on Universal Design of Learning framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. This is to assist teachers in becoming more creative in their teaching methods to make learning more effective for the variety of ways that students learn.

During the training, we provide teachers who complete the teacher workshops with a small package of basic school supplies. This is also why we ask local government organizations and educational superintendents to collaborate in the funding of the teacher workshops. The supplies may include construction paper, chalk, pencils, a pencil sharpener, erasers, scissors, pens, and a permanent marker in a pencil box. While seemingly basic, the ability for a teacher to lend these supplies to their students during the class helps minimize disruptions. This supply list is based on the responses from various rural teachers about what supplies would be most helpful.