Books Change the Story

In Spanish, "chispa" means "spark," which is exactly our goal:
to inspire and empower Honduran students with access to books.

Stay in touch!  Contact us here to set up a call or Zoom to get one-on-one time with a Chispa Project team member.  We want to know more about you, what you love about books, and we can answer any questions you might have.  Let’s hang out!

Empowering Honduran Students

Chispa Project works to create school libraries and spark a passion for learning that will grow and be nurtured through a community driven approach. Over the last several years solely through volunteer efforts, approximately 25,000 books have been brought to more than 60 different schools.

Read more about our projects in our blog, find out how we started, or contact us to get more information on ways you can donate. We believe that books are key to empowering Honduran students to take control over their own education.

How Does It All Work?

From Scratch. In Community. First Books Ever.

From application process to sustainability, we look for schools who have strong leadership and the desire to collaborate.


What's New at Chispa Project

Come Volunteer

From translation to transportation, we’ll set up what you need within budget.