Cantarranas Library

Be a part of creating a library from scratch.  Books change the story.

Often libraries are started because of a champion who goes to bat for a particular school or community. 
The Cantarranas school is being championed for by Kathy Campbell.  This is her story of why you should get involved.

1,000 books

512 students

15 teachers trained

Cantarranas Library

Why you should help

Almost a year ago, I fell in love with this wonderful library project in Honduras. I was able to help with a school library in San Juancito after meeting the amazing Sara through a mutual friend there. When the library was ready to be inaugurated, Sara invited me to participate in the daylong celebration.

I watched children crowd into their new library, eyes widening with anticipation as they looked around at the 500 beautiful new books waiting for them. Eager to get reading, they picked out promising titles, plopped down on floor pillows, and shared with friends the cool stuff they found in those crisp, colorful pages. Others settled quietly at tables, methodically and carefully turning pages and reading out loud to themselves, fingers finding their way across the words that will change their lives forever. To be there and watch the love of reading sweep across a classroom of children in a mountain village in Honduras … well, let’s just say my eyes filled with tears and my heart with joy at the privilege of participating.

Now I would like to invite you to help provide a new library in the nearby village of Cantarranas. You may have seen the photos of the wonderful murals in Cantarranas that I’ve shared from our visits there. My partner’s nonprofit, Heart for Hope, has been working with the elementary school in Cantarranas to provide dental care for the children there for many years, and I know from first-hand experience that the teachers, parents, and administrators at this school are dedicated, resourceful, and dependable.

This will be the first library ever for the 500-plus students in Cantarranas! Can you imagine? The very first! Your contributions of time, talent or funds to this project would be most welcome. Down below, you can learn about how to be a part of transforming an unused space into a school library; yes, you can come with us to Honduras for an unforgettable experience!

Or, help us meet our funding goal of $15,000 to provide the library space, train the teachers and buy the books. Questions? If you can’t find the answers on this page, feel free to contact or email me directly!



Come Volunteer

Come to Honduras to help install this library!  Be a part of the magic on June 4 – 11, 2023.  We need volunteers to come alongside the community to help install this library.  You’ll help paint, sticker books, and set up the library from start to finish in a week!  Don’t miss out. 

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